Mobile Banking: Big Business, Big Target, Big Opportunity

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Mobile devices now constitute the majority global web traffic. Mobile users are embracing mobile banking in record numbers and the demand for mobile banking presents opportunities for banks to differentiate themselves. However, providing mobile banking applications introduces certain measurable risks.

*Mobile Banking Applications: Security Challenges for Banks. Accenture. 2017.

**50 banking smartphone apps fail on security. SC Magazine UK. Feb 2017. security/article/639769/

1 in 4 mobile banking applications in the market today includes at least one high-risk security flaw.*

Mobile Banking Application Security Flaw

SC Magazine’s analysis of mobile applications from 50 of the world's top 100 banks found all to be vulnerable to several security threats. Each apps averaged seven security flaws, and put half a billion mobile banking customers at risk.**

Download "Mobile Banking: Big Business, Big Target, Big Opportunity" for the latest research on mobile banking apps and how to minimize risks to your bank and your mobile customers.

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