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2023 Mobile Banking Heists Report

Mobile is the digital channel of choice for banking and the target of choice for malicious actors employing banking trojans to compromise banking apps. Understanding the evolution, tactics, and impact of mobile banking malware is essential to building secure mobile banking apps that can defend against on-device abuse and garner customer trust.

In this report, we aim to give mobile product and security leaders the knowledge they need to develop mobile app security strategies that align with today's sophisticated malware. It is an essential read for those at the forefront of combating threats on the mobile platform. 

What's Inside?

  • Key Research Insights
  • Top Targeted Financial Apps 
  • New Fraud, Theft & Account Takeover Capabilities 
  • Best Practices to Combat Malware
  • How Zimperium Can Help
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Report Finds 29 Malware Families Targeted 1,800 Banking Apps Across 61 Countries in the Last Year