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Zimperium Aims to Plug Mobile Security Leaks with Automated Threat Prevention

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With the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, security environments are prone to leaks. Leaky apps, BYO practices, malicious Wi-Fi connections and malware pose serious threats to organizations. Mobile threat prevention from Zimperium wants to address this by automating detection and remediation.

Download the SWOT Analysis on Zimperium and find out how to safeguard valuable corporate and personal data. This analysis reviews:

  • Real-time threat protection for both devices and applications
  • Self-protecting app generation
  • Automatic triggering of remediation measures
  • Integration with top-tier EMM vendors

“Zimperium is competitive in the mobile threat prevention market. It is focused, well funded, technically differentiated, and has established promising channel relationships."

— Chris Marsh, Research Director, 451 Research