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Mobile threats are increasing both in prevalence and sophistication. They are global and found everywhere, and mobile apps are critically vulnerable.

Enterprises create mobile apps to speed work, increase customer satisfaction and grow revenue. Security, however, is usually not a core corporate expertise. Although these apps can access confidential data, they are also delivered to the unmanaged devices of customers and partners. As such, they are increasingly used as a vector for attacking enterprise infrastructure.

Mobile App Protection Like Never Before

The Zimperium In-App Protection (zIAP™) SDK ensures that mobile applications remain safe from cyber attacks by providing immediate device risk assessments and threat alerts. Organizations can minimize exposure of their sensitive data, and prevent their customers and partners’ data from being jeopardized by malicious and fraudulent activity.

zIAP™ embeds the z9™ engine, the heart of the zIPS™ app, inside mobile applications. This means that it can determine if a device is compromised. When a device is under attack, zIAP™ informs the app and initiates risk mitigation actions, such as:

  • Invalidated session / log out
  • Destroy the keys / delete the cache
  • Raise fraud alert
  • Increase authentication requirements
  • Reduce functionality to read-only

zIAP™ is completely configurable by app developers. They can select whatever remedial action should apply to corporate, partner or customer apps.

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