With Zimperium, we finally have a tool to pinpoint mobile banking fraud attributable to compromised devices.

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We needed to rebuild and relaunch our apps quickly and efficiently. Zimperium provided a one-stop-shop approach to identifying security, privacy and compliance risks during app development and protecting/monitoring apps from attacks while in use.

SVP of Application Development

 North American Bank

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Allows banks to assess users' device risk for every single mobile banking session in real-time.


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Why You Need to Shield Your Apps

The way hackers go about achieving their goals starts with reverse engineering software to find vulnerabilities they can exploit, data they can extract, or ways to modify the software to do something it was never intended to do. As hackers get increasing access to mobile and IoT devices, this threat also increases. As a consequence, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to deploy application shielding technology that makes it difficult for hackers to reverse engineer and tamper with software.

Download our report to read about the cyber threats facing your mobile app and learn how to protect your business and customers with app shielding.

Zimperium easily integrates into your mobile application development lifecycle:

How Vulnerable is Your Mobile App?


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Powerful code obfuscation

Advanced app shielding

Accelerate time to market

Native & hybrid framework support

Protect source code and intellectual property

Visibility into app tampering attempts

Seamless development and security integrations

Why Zimperium for Mobile App Shielding?