Mobile banking represents the future due to the undeniable convenience it presents in the post-pandemic era defined by the new low-touch economy. As the features and capabilities of mobile banking expand, mobile banking activity will continue to increase... and so will the opportunities for cybercriminals. 

Download our report to learn why traditional security and fraud prevention methods are no longer sufficient for mobile banking apps and how banks can equip their mobile apps to prevent fraud even as the mobile landscape evolves.

With Zimperium, we finally have a tool to pinpoint mobile banking fraud attributable to compromised devices.

 VP Mobile Security

 Global Financial Services Company

We needed to rebuild and relaunch our apps quickly and efficiently. Zimperium provided a one-stop-shop approach to identifying security, privacy and compliance risks during app development and protecting/monitoring apps from attacks while in use.

SVP of Application Development

 North American Bank

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Allows banks to assess users' device risk for every single mobile banking session in real-time.


Global Financial Services Provider

Zimperium easily integrates into your mobile application development lifecycle:

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Why Zimperium?

Analyze and Assess Third-Party Libraries 

Focus on Privacy, Security & Compliance

Native & Hybrid Frameworks Support

24x7 Product Support & Threat Analysis

Shared Threat Visibility for DevSecOps Teams

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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Why Hackers Love Your Mobile Banking App