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The Zimperium mobile threat research team recently discovered thousands of mobile apps in the Google Play and Apple App Store with unsecured cloud storage configurations, leaving user data at risk. Impacting mobile applications available to consumers and enterprises globally and in almost every category, our threat analysis revealed a number of significant issues that: 

  • Exposed PII;
  • Enabled fraud; and/or
  • Exposed IP or internal systems and configurations.

If you are a mobile app developer and would like to know if your apps have unsecured cloud storage issues like those described in this report, please contact us for a free, risk-free mobile application risk assessment.

"Machine learning and AI-based threat detection are key areas of strength for Zimperium. Especially relative is its on-device capabilities, which allow for threat detection of both known and unknown device, network, phishing, and malicious apps on device, even during network attacks or in a disconnected environment."

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Mobile Threat Management Software 
2020 Vendor Assessment, (Doc#US46092220), September 2020

Is Your Mobile App User Data at Risk from Unsecured Cloud Storage?