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Sideloading apps from unofficial app stores can offer flexibility and access to a broader range of content for app developers. However, unlike the security measures employed by official apps stores, they may not be checked for malware or malicious code making it easier for compromised apps to be installed on the mobile device. It is important for organizations to understand the risks sideloaded apps pose. 

With the introduction of iOS 17.4 in March, Apple is breaking new ground by officially allowing sideloading and access to alternative app stores – a seismic change spurred by the EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA) to foster competition and innovation.

This webinar will arm you with best practices and precautionary steps to stay ahead of threats associated with alternative app stores. Join us as we discuss:

  • Dangers linked to sideloading apps on Android & iOS devices 
  • How to assess the safety of sideloaded applications 
  • Ways to mitigate the risks of sideloading

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Understanding Sideloading and Unofficial App Stores

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Guarding Your Organization Against the Spread of Malicious Apps in Unofficial Mobile App Stores