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In a typical organization today, 60% of the endpoints containing or accessing enterprise data are mobile… and most of these endpoints do not have any security solutions that can provide protection and visibility. As attackers continue to get more creative and take advantage of the lack of mobile security / visibility, mobile threats and attacks are increasing in both quantity and impact.

This report is focused on answering the primary question organizations ask every day: What percent of my devices are exposed to each type of threat and attack? Register today to access Zimperium's latest mobile security report and learn about the threats and attacks of over 45 million endpoints protected by Zimperium.

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27% of enterprise mobile endpoints were exposed to device threats.

32% of enterprise mobile endpoints encountered risky networks.

7% of enterprise mobile endpoints were exposed to network attacks.

32% pie chart
27% pie chart
7% bar graph
120 to 185 bar graph

Apple patched 185 vulnerabilities, 
54% more than the same timeframe last year.

Key Findings: