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Security for Moving Targets:
BYOD Changes the Game 

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Mobile devices of all shapes and sizes are entering the enterprise at an alarming rate. From the Apple Watch to wearables, tablets and smartphones, bring your own device (BYOD) is no longer something to try to plan for in the future, but something companies have to deal with right now. And for IT admins, it’s a completely new game as they struggle to adopt best practices quickly for protecting this new world of moving targets.

The bottom line is that organizations need to embrace a healthy mobile security policy that protects the organization and its sensitive IP while promoting productivity on mobile devices both inside and outside of the corporate network.

This paper takes a look back at the BYOD movement and provides a framework for enterprises who are struggling to adopt mobile security best practices. We explore:

  • Top risks BYOD brings to the enterprise today
  • What to consider when planning and designing for BYOD
  • Current mobile security solutions available today