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State of Enterprise Mobile Security, 2019 Report

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As the worldwide leader in mobile threat defense (MTD), Zimperium solutions protect millions of mobile endpoints around the world against device, network, phishing and malicious app threats and attacks. This report contains 2019 data from over 45 million endpoints from enterprises in a variety of industries and both local and national government agencies.  

For purposes of this report, “threats” are conditions that increase the likelihood of a device being attacked or enable attacks to be made more efficiently. “Attacks” are actual attacks against mobile endpoints. 

For some threats and attacks, we provide data about total detections; however, this report is primarily designed to provide businesses and government agencies of all sizes (Zimperium’s customers) with the data they need to prioritize their mobile device security efforts. 

In a typical organization today, 60% of the endpoints containing or accessing organizational data are mobile… and most of these endpoints do not have a security solution that can provide protection and visibility. This report is intended to answer the primary question organizations ask every day: How many of my mobile endpoint devices are under attack and how are they being attacked? 

More Resources:

Mobile OS vendors created patches for 1,161 security vulnerabilities.

Zimperium detected over 3 million risky networks in 2019.

Key Findings:

48% of the Android devices had sideloaded apps from sources outside the Google Play Store. 




71% of iOS apps and 68% of Android apps failed to receive a passing security grade.