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Enhance your mobile app development with Zimperium's zScan. Our 30-day free trial offers unlimited scans, ensuring your apps are secure, private, and compliant..

Getting Your App Scanned in Minutes

  • Easy GitHub Integration: Easy 5-minute setup using the zSCAN Github Action for streamlined security checks.
  • Findings That Matter: Static and Dynamic analysis to identify critical security, privacy, and compliance risks.
  • Actionable Findings: Each finding has a detailed description, code snippets, locations, and recommendations

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After you submit the form, an API Secret Key will be shown on the confirmation page. Save this key.

An email with a API Client ID will be sent to the address provided in the form. 

Follow these instructions to setup a Workflow in GitHub using the API Secret Key and API Client ID. Then start scanning your code.




How it Works:

Documents risks within mobile apps including hardware specific usage, insecure API calls, and sensitive data handling

Allows app scanning directly from the build pipeline or manually uploaded as desired

Enables compliance and security teams to define and customize policies to ensure only the applicable findings are opened

Identifies and fixes compliance, privacy, and security issues within the development process before you publicly release your apps

Why Zimperium for Mobile App Security Testing?