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Key Criteria for Evaluating Phishing Prevention & Detection Platforms 

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In the majority of companies, BYOD is encouraged, and even where corporate devices are issued and MDM is deployed, users can conduct personal communications using mobile. As a result, mobile devices contain a tremendous wealth of information about their owners and how their owners interact with the connected world. As mobile devices became more pivotal for conducting business, their interactions with connected devices such as desktops and trusted access control mechanisms increases. 

As is the case across the cybersecurity spectrum, attackers target the weakest link. With phishing, attackers target users, and with the explosion of mobile, attackers increasingly are turning to attacks that leverage mobile devices. They include messaging apps like Signal, WhatsApp, and SMS. Attackers understand this so phishing protection now needs to extend beyond protecting corporate email inboxes. 

Because of Zimperium's unique approach to protecting mobile endpoints from being the point of entry, GigaOm has written a product profile to help readers better understand the phishing protection market and why Zimperium is the leading mobile solution. Complete the form for immediate access to GigaOm's product profile of Zimperium.

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