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How it Works

Deploy Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) in monitor-only mode

What is Your Real Mobile Security Risk Profile?

Free Mobile Risk Assessment from the Industry Leader

Gather anonymised data from devices

Receive mobile risk reports and benchmarks against your peers and recommended remediation steps

The only MTD solution that can integrate with multiple UEMs simultaneously, including:

How many of the mobile devices accessing your corporate data are at risk? More importantly, which of those devices are exposing your business to risks and potential breaches?

For a limited time, Zimperium is offering a free risk assessment that will answer that question for you. We will assess iOS and Android devices connecting to your corporate network to get an understanding of how many are exposed to mobile network, device, OS, phishing & application threats. 

Collect Actionable Mobile Threat Data for Device Vulnerabilities, Phishing App and Network Attacks 


Zimperium will assess, at our cost, the risks that managed and unmanaged mobile devices are bringing to your enterprise. In three simple steps, you will receive recommendations on how to immediately remediate issues and alleviate risks.

A Clear View of Your Mobile Risks 

At the conclusion of the exercise, you will obtain your proprietary report and be on your way to continuously answer these mobile security compliance questions:

  1. How can we enforce compliance concerning the acceptable risk posture of mobile devices?

  2. Do we know if threats are being perpetrated on our employees’ mobile devices today?

  3. Have we performed an assessment of all potential risks associated with our mobile apps?

Zimperium is offering a Risk Assessment for qualified enterprise companies to evaluate Zimperium's mobile threat defense software. The Risk Assessment project is valid for 250+ devices and for no longer than 30 days. The devices must be managed by an EMM. Zimperium retains all rights to manage each project and adhering to its privacy and business standards.