The CIO's Guide to Mobile Threat Defense

The Case for Conditional Entitlement

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As professionals throughout the corporate world enthusiastically embrace a mobile-first approach to getting things done, mobile devices are poised to become the primary vehicle for worker productivity. The challenge is that mobile device security has not kept pace with mobile application consumption. More and more workers are accessing more and more corporate resources on mobile devices that are becoming bigger and bigger targets for cybercriminals.

The threat that mobile devices pose to IT security is real, omnipresent and increasing. That is the impetus for the creation of the conditional entitlement framework described in this eBook. 

Mobile devices power productivity – and drive IT and security professionals crazy.

Download "The CIO's Guide to Mobile Threat Defense" to learn how the conditional entitlement framework allows businesses of every size to balance the needs of users to access corporate resources via mobile devices and the need to ensure robust security for those mobile devices.

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The CIO's Guide to Mobile Threat Defense can help you learn about the conditional entitlement framework and how it interacts with mobile devices. Read now!