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Global Mobile Threat Report

As the worldwide leader in mobile threat defense (MTD), Zimperium protects millions of mobile devices and apps. As a result, we have unmatched forensic data about mobile device, network, phishing, and app risks and attacks. After analyzing the full breadth of our 2021 anonymized data and surveying security executives, we’ve gleaned unique insights on the state of mobile security in this Global Mobile Threat Report. This report includes:

of phishing sites specifically targeted mobile devices


77% of Android apps & 46% of iOS apps use, or potentially use, at least one vulnerable encryption algorithm

1 of every 3 zero-day attacks targeted iOS and Android devices

  • Executive Perspectives
    • Insights from cybersecurity executives on mobile security at this point in time, how risks and threats are evolving, and how mobile security fits into the broader enterprise security strategy.
  • The Mobile Attack Surface
    • 2021 Mobile Threats in Review
    • State of Mobile Endpoint Security in 2022
    • State of Mobile Application Security in 2022
  • Mobile Threat Trends
    • Global Threat Breakdown by Region
    • Breakdown of Exploited Vulnerabilities of 2021
    • The Rise of Mobile-Specific Phishing
    • Risks and Attacks: Mobile Malware, Bugs, and Profiles
    • More Apps Signify More Than Data Is at Risk
  • Insight from the Broader Security Ecosystem
    • Perspectives from select Zimperium partners on the evolving mobile threat landscape.
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