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With stricter requirements for risk management and incident reporting, wider coverage of sectors — from 7 to 15 — and more hard-hitting penalties for non-compliance, hundreds of thousands of EU organisations need to assess their cybersecurity posture.

NIS2 emphasises the importance of robust security measures for organisations that provide essential services including those that deliver services through mobile. Organisations offering applications need to align their security practices with NIS2 standards to safeguard user data and the integrity of their services. To comply with the NIS2 directive, you will need to implement a comprehensive mobile security program. Watch this on-demand webinar to better understand:

  • What the NIS2 Directive means to your organisation
  • How NIS2 affects mobile device and app usage
  • Best practices organisations can follow to meet NIS2 requirements related to mobile

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NIS2 & Mobile Security: Are You Prepared?

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Yang-Giun Ro 
Senior Sales Engineer

Ines Magalhaes
Commercial Sales Manager

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