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How to Calculate Risk of Your Mobile Endpoints

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A long-held assumption about mobile technology in general is that endpoint security technologies are unnecessary since mobile operating systems (OSs) are inherently more secure than PC OSs. For policy enforcement and security on mobile devices, IT organizations have looked to enterprise mobility management (EMM) platforms for additional security and device control. However, there is a detection and enforcement gap between devices and back-end EMM, which does not provide real-time monitoring of app activity, network traffic, and overall endpoint health.

Mobile endpoint protection is critical and BYO complicates the issue since enterprises may or may not own the mobile endpoint. Employee-owned devices introduce many more risks and variables than enterprises account for and we wish to inform you on this webinar. 

Complete the form to watch our on-demand webinar where Phil Hochmuth, IDC's Enterprise Mobility Program Director, and John Michelsen, Zimperium's Chief Product Office, discuss:

  • How to privately secure BYOD mobile endpoints
  • How to classify risky devices by examining installed applications
  • How to create a plan to reduce risks introduced by mobile devices


John Michelsen, Chief Product Officer, Zimperium
John Michelsen has more than 20 years of technical leadership experience and, as Zimperium’s Chief Product Officer, is instrumental in guiding product management and development strategies. Michelsen was a co-founder of Interactive TKO, where he served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Scientist, as well as CTO for CA Technologies.

Phil Hochmuth, Program Director, IDC’s Enterprise Mobility
Phil’s research provides insights into how enterprises deploy mobile devices and applications, as well as management and security platforms. Key markets he covers include enterprise mobility management (EMM) and enterprise mobile security, including mobile data and threat protection, and mobile device security technologies.