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Mobile devices are an integral part of the connected medical device architecture. As we increasingly rely on mobile apps, we must be aware of the cyber threats and risks to mobile devices especially for apps that are responsible for keeping people alive and delivering therapy.

The prevalence of unprotected devices comes as the healthcare sector continues to face fresh cybersecurity risks. In 2022, Zimperium protected customers from 2,000 zero-day malware samples each week, 51% more than we detected each week in the prior year.

How can you see if they are targeting you specifically? 

Risks can come from unpatched devices, devices that can NEVER be patched, and apps built by teams that aren’t security experts. As such, traditional app security based on signatures can no longer keep pace with the mobile threat landscape, both pre-market and post-market. Mobile apps now need to have advanced threat detection, dynamic response, and threat visibility and reporting capabilities. 

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  • Common cyber threats to mobile devices and apps in healthcare
  • “Static” versus “Dynamic” mobile app security
  • Real world examples that use advanced threat protection for mobile applications

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Unseen Cyber Threats Lurking in Connected Medical Devices

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