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On-Demand Webinar:
Security and Risk Findings Amongst
Top 400 European Mobile Banking Apps

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The top banks and mobile payment providers in the European Union accept unnecessary security and privacy risks by failing to adhere to coding best practices and continue to share sensitive customer data with advertisers.
According to our latest research of over 400 iOS and Android mobile banking and payment applications distributed in the European Union, most failed the Open Web Application Security Project Mobile Top and contain unnecessary risks and vulnerabilities.

  • 15% of apps send query parameters containing PII over insecure communication channels.

  • 76% of banking and payment app providers use excessive and unnecessary permissions on customers devices. 

  • 56% of apps do not utilize any obfuscation or application shielding software to prevent reverse engineering.

  • Most finance mobile applications fail OWASP Mobile Top-10 checks for reverse engineering, secure storage, and secure communications.

  • Fraudulent mobile transactions have increased to $767 and make up 72% of fraudulent transactions.

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Some of the compelling facts in the research include:


Scott King, Director App Security, Zimperium

Michiel Kemperman, VP Solution Engineering, Zimperium