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The Mobile Menace Most Wanted List

#4 Bad Wi-Fi

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When it comes to mobile security, what you can’t see really can hurt you. In fact, there are seven mobile menaces creeping around your employees’ devices right now just waiting to pounce. And when they do, you better be prepared!

This webinar will introduce you to the dangerous impersonator and #4 on the Mobile Menace Most Wanted List: Bad Wi-Fi.

In this on-demand webinar, we review:
- What Bad Wi-Fi is
- How Bad Wi-Fi hurts you
- How you can defeat Bad Wi-Fi

Most Wanted #4 Bad Wi-Fi
Most Wanted #7 Risky App
Most Wanted #6 Malicious App
Most Wanted #5 Man-in-the-Middle
Most Wanted #4 Bad Wi-Fi
Most Wanted #3 Phishing
Most Wanted #2 Rogue Profile
Most Wanted #1 OS Exploit

The Most Wanted Mobile Menaces

Wanted For: 

Bad Wi-Fi creates a hotspot that looks identical to the Wi-Fi at the office, the local coffee shop, or even a crowded bus stop. It sits and waits for busy, distracted users to log on, and then they’re toast.