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On-Demand Webinar:
The Other Half of the Equation:
Why Security-Conscious Agencies Combine UEM and MTD Solutions

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Security-conscious agencies are fully aware that unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions, while valuable from mobile device and app management perspectives, were never designed to provide proactive threat and risk detection. That capability is provided by the other half of the equation: mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions that detect device, phishing, network and malicious app attacks in real-time.

And agencies are not the only ones publicly sharing this position. The MITRE Mobile ATT&CK framework shows serious gaps that can only be filled with the combination of both UEM and MTD solutions.

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  • The problems UEMs solve;
  • The problems MTDs solve;
  • How UEMs and MTDs combine to provide comprehensive security across the MITRE Mobile ATT&CK framework; and
  • How both UEM and MTD help achieve compliance with the CMMC mandate and NIST 800-124r2 mobile security guidelines.


Jim Kovach
VP of US Public Sector, Zimperium

Mikel Draghici, CISSP, EnCE
Principal Sales Engineer of Public Sector, Zimperium