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On-Demand Webinar:
The Rise of Cyber Attacks on Chromebooks: A Frank Discussion and Demonstration

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From schools relying on Chromebooks for remote education, to enterprises using them to enable remote call centers, Chromebook users face the same privacy and security threats that are associated with laptops and mobile devices without the same security measures. These risks and threats include: 

  • Phishing attacks that can lead to credential theft;
  • Network attacks where personal information is accessed; and 
  • Malware that can enable microphones and cameras to be remotely turned on, etc. 

If you are responsible for protecting Chromebook users, watch our on-demand webinar with experts from Zimperium and CDW. In the webinar, we:

  • Discuss the increased usage of Chromebooks post-COVID for remote education and work;
  • Explain the device, network, phishing and malicious app attacks targeting Chromebook users;
  • Demonstrate live attacks and how zIPS for Chromebooks - the first and only comprehensive security solution for Chromebooks - detects and protects users.   

Chris Coughlin
Senior Mobility Specialist, Education, CDW

Chris Cinnamo
SVP of Product Management, Zimperium