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Addressing the Emerging Mobile Cybersecurity Threats Facing State and Local Governments

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The number and cost of cyber attacks on the public sector is growing. According to Accenture’s 2017 “Cost of Cyber Crime Study,” the average cost of a successful public sector cyber breach in 2017 increased $1.43 million over the previous year to $8.2 million. Experts indicate that state and local governments are being increasingly targeted because their technology is easier to hack than the private sector’s, they host highly valuable data and they have a limited ability to manage system down time.

Unsurprisingly, protecting government systems is a significant challenge for security teams. Mobile devices, data in the public cloud and user behavior were cited in Cisco’s “2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report: Impacts on Government” as key challenges facing government security teams.

In this on-demand Zimperium webinar, our presenters review how Zimperium detects known and unknown mobile threats, including:
- Machine learning-based detection
- On-device vs. cloud-based detection
- Privacy controls

- Karen Jackson, Former Secretary of Technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia
-Chul Yim, Director of State and Local Government Accounts for Zimperium

"As long as there's a human in the loop, there's a chance for a problem and there's a chance for a mistake."

- Karen Jackson, Former Secretary of Technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia

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