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IDC Demystifies & Prioritizes Zero Trust

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Zero Trust security strategies are actively being discussed in most enterprises today. But what exactly is it? There is a lot of hype and promise, but what users, endpoints, and resources should be protected by it?

To answer these questions and more, IDC’s Phil Hocmuth joined us for a candid and open discussion to demystify and prioritize Zero Trust efforts.

In this on-demand webinar, Phil and Zimperium discuss:

  • The realities and myths around Zero Trust 
  • Best practices around Zero Trust approaches and architectures
  • Why Zero Trust is incomplete without risk attestation on mobile devices

Phil Hochmuth

Program VP of Enterprise Mobility and Client Endpoint Management | IDC

Richard Melick

Director of Product Strategy for Endpoint Security | Zimperium

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Why There Should be Less Hype and More Mobile