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On-Demand Webinar:
Mobile Ransomware Can Make You WannaCry

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All security professionals have heard of ransomware, but few truly understand that mobile devices are a key delivery mechanism into the enterprise. Hackers are attacking mobile devices since most have little protection. Data theft is one objective, but finding ways to deliver ransomware is equally important.

Ransomware is very real; as is the possibility of enterprises and government agencies being at risk by an employee whose mobile device was hacked. According to a 2018 study, the average cost per ransomware attack to businesses last year was $133,000, with 54 percent of companies having been hit by attacks last year.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how ransomware has evolved and what you can do to protect your company. In this webinar, we review: 

  • How hackers compromise mobile devices
  • How compromised mobile devices can lead to the delivery of ransomware on traditional devices
  • The best approach for protecting your company from mobile-delivered ransomware and other threats

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