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On-Demand Webinar:
Security and Privacy Issues Found in Popular Dating Apps

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An estimated 25.1 million people used a dating app at least monthly in 2019, a 5.3% increase from the amount of users in 2018.* While users may find love, they may also find heartbreak in the form of leaked personal information.

For Valentine’s Day, February 14th, we scanned 14 of the leading dating apps (both iOS and Android versions) to see how well they protect users from security and privacy risks. The analysis used Zimperium’s z3A (advanced app analysis) solution and then mobile security researchers from the award-winning zLabs team assigned each application a grade. “Passing” means that the app has very few risks and does an above average job of protecting user data.

Before you start swiping on your mobile device, watch our on-demand webinar to learn about the results and concerns of our analysis, including details behind these facts:

  • iOS retail apps are exposing users to more privacy risks while Android ones have far more security issues.
  • 100% of iOS-based apps and 71% of Android-based apps failed to receive a passing privacy grade.
  • 100% of iOS-based apps and 93% of Android-based apps failed to receive a passing security grade.