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The Year of Mobile:
 The Risks and Threats Coming in 2022

2021 was a record year for mobile device vulnerabilities, exploits, and threats, and none of it is slowing down as we head into this new year. The increase in distributed working, spyware, and phishing attacks have urged security leaders to rethink their security architecture. The threat landscape has evolved, attack surfaces span the globe, and mobile endpoints are on track to being the biggest target for 2022.

Register for immediate access to our on-demand webinar where we review our mobile security predictions for 2022, including:

  • How the global mobile threat trends of 2021 evolved 
  • What new and growing attack methods will be used by malicious actors
  • Which trends, such as BYOD and Zero Trust, will impact mobile device and app security
  • How enterprises need to evolve their security mindset to protect their organization, employees, and customers

Richard Melick

Director of Product Strategy for Endpoint Security

Nico Chiaraviglio

Vice President of Security Research

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