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The mobile banking market is on a rapid ascent, projected to hit the $7 billion mark by 2032, fueled by consumer demands for seamless and personalized banking experiences. However, this surge is accompanied by a dramatic growth in financial fraud. Industry research shows that one in every 20 fraud attacks can be traced back to a rogue mobile application, underscoring a pivotal front in the battle against financial fraud and emphasizing the acute need for stringent mobile app security measures.

With its Mobile Banking Heist Report, Zimperium provides product, security, and risk leaders with an overview of mobile banking malware's critical evolutionary trends and countermeasures they can take to secure their mobile banking apps.

In this webinar, we'll talk about the following report highlights:

  • What makes Mobile banking malware so successful in the real world
  • How new capabilities are making credential theft, account takeover, and fraud frictionless
  • How are banking regulations in Singapore, Malaysia, India and Hong Kong evolving to combat the threat
  • What are some best practices for protecting mobile banking apps

Key Takeaways for APJ from the Zimperium Mobile Banking Heists Report

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Krishna Vishnubhotla
VP of Product Strategy

Pat Shueh
VP of Solution Engineering

Mobile Banking Apps Targeted by Malware

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