Collect actionable mobile threat data for device vulnerabilities, app and network attacks on your mobile devices.

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Scan My Apps!

Identify Apps Containing Malware

Every day 1 out of 3 devices brought to work is vulnerable to a known threat. Even more concerning is that all 1 in 10 contain known malware and possibly sending corporate to others for misuse or espionage.

Zimperium will perform, at our cost, an assessment on the health and risks mobile apps bring to your enterprise. Zimperium will scan apps on your BYOD or enterprise-owned devices for malware and privacy abuses so you can enforce compliance polices in your company. 

Zimperium is offering a Risk Assessment for enterprise companies to evaluate Zimperium's mobile threat defense software. The Risk Assessment project is valid for 1-100 devices and for no longer than 30 days. The devices can be in standalone mode or managed by an EMM. Zimperium retains all rights to manage each project and adhering to its privacy and business standards.

At the conclusion of the exercise you will obtain your proprietary app analysis reports and be on your way to continuously monitor your mobile devices for malware and non-compliant user configurations.

Example App Analysis Report

We Will Scan Your Apps

Scan Your Apps for Malware and Privacy Abuse

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What the Analysts Say About Mobile Security

Michael DeSalles, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

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